Centurion Commander TAA 2023 League – Stage 3

Last Sunday, the second stage of the 2023 Edition of our local Centurion Commander League took place, and again we were collaborating with Pauperwave association for the prizes and the location.

The top players of the single tournament will win something, but there is also a League ranking composed by the best six results between the tournaments you participated in the league, plus one extra point for each tournament you played. Extra prizes for the top ranking of the League at the end of the eleventh and final tournament. Each single tournament is composed of four Swiss rounds.

Wilson again was ready to battle but I did some changes. mostly removing some cheap cantrips like Opt to add some more counterspells like Mana Leak.
You can click here to see the updated list.

We were 24 players and we immediately started playing the four rounds of Swiss.

Match 1 vs Maelstrom Wanderer
Game 1
I’m able to set up a race and I feel pretty confident as I have many protection spells in hand that can help me if he cascade into a wrath effect. Unfortunately, when he is able to cast his Commander, he cascades into something that completely folds my plan: Koma, Cosmos Serpent.
This put a full stop to my race and so I conceded to go to the second game.
Game 2
I’m able to set up another race boosted by two Curiosity effects on Wilson plus Sylvan Library let me dig deep into the deck. He is able to cast his Commander and drop a Blood Moon on the field; I’m still able to play thanks to some nice basics while he sets up his own race. Thanks to Sylvan Library, I’m able to find Berserk and attack for the win during the extra time. I won the second game and we are not able to start the third one due to the time limits.

0 wins – 0 losses – 1 draw

Match 2 vs Jori En, Ruin Diver
Game 1
I have a nice start with Wilson early on the field while he decides to cast his Commander and use Pyrokinesis to try to remove Wilson, forgetting about the Ward. Ward counters the spells and puts me quite ahead as he wasted two cards for nothing. I set up a race with an enchanted Wilson with some Curiosity effect and protections that give me the first game.
Game 2
I’m a bit slower in this game but with counters I’m able to keep my opponent in check. He plays Murktide Regent to try to stop my race but I play the background, strong of the protection spells I have in hand. I cast Unstable Mutation and I use the boost to accelerate the Wilson’s race and win the game.

1 win – 0 losses – 1 draw

Match 3 vs Zurgo Bellstriker
Game 1
He is on the play and he starts with a turn 1 Ragavan. I try to see if I’m able to find some easy answer on my first two turns but when I don’t I decide to concede as I was already too behind against this aggro deck and I preferred to focus my mental energy in playing the next two games instead of trying to save this one.
Game 2
I have a strong start with a Wilson enchanted with Arcane Flight and Spectral Flight that makes my bear both big enough to easily block anything he was throwing at me while setting up a really fast race that quickly gives me game.
Game 3
I keep a hand with a single land and one mana dork but that it can be incredibly strong against Zurgo. He doesn’t bolt my dork and so I’m able to play my Commander on turn 2, strong of a second land that I’m able to play. I set up a race by casting and equipping Wilson with a Shadowspear, entering in full control of the game and taking the match home soon after.

2 wins – 0 losses – 1 draw

Match 4 vs Geist of Saint Traft
Game 1
I’m on the draw again and he drops a turn two Drannith Magistrate. I could have had an answer to this situation but that would have put me two turns behind in which he would have been able to cast his Commander and enter in full control of the game. I decided to not waste time and go to game two, conceding.
Game 2
I start with Wilson enchanted by One with the Wind, making it big enough to be able to fully block the Geist if he tried to attack. In the meantime I set up my race and him, after a few turns in which he was looking for a way to give protection to his Commander, decided to concede after not finding a way to respond to my race.
Game 3
I’m able to play Wilson and protect it from the Council’s Judgment he cast right after thanks to Daze. I set up a race with Security Bypass and Sixth Sense while he sets up his own with True-Name Nemesis and his Commander enchanted by Aqueous Form. It is a dangerous spot but I’m able to recover once Wilson becomes bigger than the Angel token. This slows his race down and with some pump spells I’m able to get ahead and win the game.

3 wins – 0 losses – 1 draw

With this result I was able to place 2nd in this tournament ranking. The changes I made to the deck seemed to work and so I was pretty satisfied with them.
With this result I was able to jump up to the second place of the League tournament.

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  1. Cool stuff!.
    This is what I love in your post
    It’s great to see the local Centurion Commander League collaborating with Pauperwave association for prizes and location. Congratulations to the author for their impressive performance in the tournament!
    Thanks, Ely Shemer


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