Last week, Korean Group LE SSERAFIM released their first full album! 13 tracks with some of them being new while others already released in the period of the activity of the group. I’m starting only now to fully listen to this group so for me even some of the already published ones are new.
Let’s listen to the tracks of the album together and I will tell you what I think about the songs!

The first song of the album is an intro with some powerful techno vibes where we can hear phrases in English, Japanese and Korean.
I’ve never been too much of a fan of intros in albums as songs of their own but I liked them in albums as they help define the general mood.

The second song of the album is Fearless. Pretty sure it isn’t a new one as, if i’m not wrong, it is exactly the one that gave the name to the group as LE SSERAFIM is an anagram of “I’m Fearless”. I didn’t discover the group thanks to this song and despite being quite catchy, it didn’t strike my chord.

I quite like the vibes of this song with that bass in the background and the nice vocals; it kinda reminds me of some of the recent Twice songs.

Right from the title I was expecting a powerful song! And I totally got it! It also gives the vibes of an intro due to its length and the fact that it isn’t sung but fully talked. The base was really nice.

This was the song that made me fall in love with this group. The “Anti-ti-ti-ti Fragile” parts are addicting! Really catchy and makes you want to dance.

With this second we are moving to a more R&B kind of song with a singing the its more melodic than the other songs. Pretty nice.

Another talked song with a nice guitar in the background that gives us the mood for the next songs of the album. As I told you before, I’m not a fan of this kind of intro and I’m feeling that, despite them being quite pleasant, they are starting to be too many for a single album.

This is the title track of the album and starts right away with a powerful rhythm that alternates to a slower one to give space to the vocals. Personally I still think that Antifragile is their best song and this feels many levels under it.
Music video they released will make me change my mind:

The direction of the music video is spectacular and they had many grandiose settings but still it didn’t get me! The song is probably the problem as I feel a lot like they tried to emulate too much something like Antifragile by also adding a repetitive chorus that should get stuck in your head.

A more upbeat song that gives a sense of freedom and happiness rather than power like the other. It is quite catchy and feels like something fresh. Probably this should have been the title track but I feel they decided to go for Unforgiven to keep the same image the group had.
My favourite song of the album (obviously after Antifragile).

Another change of genre and we move to a more dance and darker vibe also the title of this song is quite pragmatic. This is another really good song for me. It is totally a sidetrack kind of song as for its vibes it feels hard to see it as a title. Surely it should be amazing to see it performing live for the feeling of power it gives.

And this song is a ballad instead! I totally feel like LE SSERAFIM’s greatest talent is how they are able to jump from one genre to the other without feeling out of place. I like this song because it gives the possibility to hear the greatness of the vocal range of the girls.

Another slow song but quite good and I really liked to listen. Nothing new unfortunately and it didn’t get stuck with me but it is good.

The last song moves to a more latin rhythm and feels unique coming from a K-Pop group. Surely it is a song that makes you want to dance and have fun.

Apart from the delusion of Unforgiven, I really liked the songs of the album and I appreciated the fact that we were able to listen to a wide range of different genres. Surely it is quite a good start for a first album and I’m excited to listen to the next songs coming from this group.

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