About me

My name is Emanuele, aka Raven, and I’m a guy from Italy who decided to open his own blog.
I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts and opinion about various matters and so I decided to create, as I call it, “my nest”.

I’m a full-time worker but in my free time I like to study new languages on my own. I started by studying a bit of Korean, but right know I switched to learning Japanese because it could be more useful to me in the near future… unfortunately I don’t have enough time to learn both at the same time, but I promised myself that in the future I will re-start to study Korean.

Other then studying, in my spare time I like to read; watch movies, tv series and anime; roleplaying (especially Dungeons & Dragons); playing Magic The Gathering, tabletop games, card games…
And these are the things I talk about the most here in my blog.

I hope you will enjoy your stay here and maybe find also my post useful.
See ya!

Professional Reader